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At Diesse Solutions Ltd. we are in the business of influencing behavior.

No matter what your job or role, so are you.

The first challenge is to identify which behaviors lead to desired outcomes such as noticing, remembering or buying. The second challenge is knowing how to create a context or message to encourage those behaviors. This is where Decision Science can be deployed. Small, often inexpensive changes, can lead to dramatic change.

Recent developments in neuroscience and the study of decision-making have been unravelling the secrets of how we think. Understanding how to apply the science and psychology of choice can change not just your tactics but your entire strategy!

About us:

Diesse Solutions is a behavioral psychology advisory firm. Our deep knowledge of how to influence behavior delivers tremendous opportunity to our clients. Using scientific methods built upon solid scientific credentials we offer the means to leverage decades of psychological insight. We provide services including consulting, coaching, research and tailored training programmes. We offer scientifically grounded:

We offer a range of consulting services with a focus on how to leverage or create psychological assets in your business. We provide advice regarding how to influence buyer behaviour (in-store, online and through media: content and selection), charitable donations and communications effectiveness. We also offer deep psychological understanding of how to manage change and motivation.
A workshop called “The Tools of Development”. The Tools of Development is a mixture of individual coaching and group training that addresses the main hurdles of development: Perception (how can I see myself/the world differently), Emotion (how can I manage my own/other people’s emotions to be a better leader), Motivation (how can I keep the focus until I reach the required level of competence).
Marcoms Optimization
Using the right psychological techniques in your copy, content and media can have dramatic impact upon attention, memory and  uptake. We serve as sounding board and sometimes take an active role in the briefing and creative process.
Our network of social science researchers are able to deliver a full range of rigorous psychological testing and experimentation services from copy and design testing to communication and shopper effectiveness. We also offer experimental design advice to clients that wish to manage their own experiments.
Our training sessions focus on the role that psychology plays in communications, consumption, behaviour change and personal development. Examples of programmes are:

“Why YOU cannot afford to not use heuristics”
“Buyer behaviour: It ain’t necessarily so”

Examples of areas of expertise:
Communications, Marketing, Package or Logo Design and Re-Design, Pricing Psychology, Advertising, Behavior Change, Choice Architecture, Risk and Decision Management, HR Development, Buyer behavior

Examples of clients that our consultants have worked for:
KPMG, E&Y, Sakura, FSA, Gillette, Elite, Bezeq, AstraZeneca, Department of Education, Egon Zehnder, Ford, HSBC, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Rapidex, LunGuard, Eternegy, Amitec, Manchester Airport, Mars

To find out more about the team: http://diessesolutions.weebly.com/index.html

Get in touch so we can show you how we can help you. simonfried@gmail.com

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